Nilesh Kumavat
Artist Code : IMAFA0019
Nilesh Kumavat

Nilesh Kumavat was born 7th September 1980 in Maharashtra. He hails from an artistic family of sculptors, painters and Ganesha murthi makers. Nilesh found early inspiration in his father Pundalik Kumavat who was an art teacher and an outstanding model of artistic expression. Nilesh graduated in 2002 from K.P.G.C. Shilp Mahavidhyalaya (Khamgaon) and from the M.S.University in 2004 where he secured a Distinction for a PG Diploma course in Sculpture. He received the Harmony Award at the 12th Harmony Show, 2007.  In 2005 he received the Inlaks Fine Art Award. He has participated in a number of shows in India and most of his works are in private collections.

His work essentially explores the fragility of human relationships and the underlying fragility of the human mind, ego and emotions: in particular the tenuous and subtle realms are seen to pose a challenge for human existence.  In his works he objectifies human relationships - placing a label on them in the way one does with consumer goods which are to be transported carefully: "Glass: Fragile: Handle With Care."The artist observes that everyone yearns to be treated with respect and care, yet how often are humans able to treat others with the same level of respect that they demand for themselves? In a world that is increasingly egocentric, human relationships are seen to be even more fragile. Glass is the obvious choice of medium for the artist with it's inherent quality being both delicate and pure. The layers of glass set one behind the other echo the subtle complexity of the human psyche and the enormous depth of the mind which can never be fathomed. The intention of the artist is to create an overall effect of mystery and entrapment.

Nilesh currently lives and works in Baroda. 

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Post Diploma M.S. University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda.
K.P.G.C. Shilp Mahavidhyalays (Maharastra) G.D. Art.
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